National Junk Food Day Wishes (July 21) – History, Fun Facts, How to Celebrate

National Junk Food Day Wishes: National Junk Food Day is observed on July 21st each year and is a light-hearted celebration of indulging in your favorite guilty pleasures. It’s a day dedicated to embracing and enjoying all the delicious but often unhealthy treats that many people love.

From cheesy pizzas and crispy fries to sugary candies and creamy ice creams, this day encourages individuals to indulge in their favorite junk foods guilt-free. It’s a fun occasion to share and savor mouthwatering treats with friends and family, all while acknowledging the occasional indulgence in these tasty delights.

  • National Junk Food Day – July 21, 2024

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National Junk Food Day History

The history of National Junk Food Day is not well-documented, and its origins remain unclear. However, it is believed to have been created as a fun and lighthearted way to celebrate and indulge in popular but unhealthy foods. The observance of this day has grown over time, gaining popularity on social media platforms and among food enthusiasts.

While there might not be a specific historical event or person associated with its creation, National Junk Food Day serves as a reminder to enjoy occasional treats and indulge in guilty pleasures with a sense of delight and moderation.

What is National Junk Food Day - Wishes, Hashtags, messages

Junk Food Fun Facts

The term “junk food” was coined in the 1960s to describe foods high in calories, sugar, salt, and fat but lacking in nutritional value.

The first potato chips were created by accident in 1853 when chef George Crum sliced potatoes too thin, leading to the invention of the popular snack.

The average American consumes around 25 pounds of candy each year.

The world’s largest hamburger weighed over 2,000 pounds and was created in Minnesota, USA.

French fries are one of the most popular junk food items globally, with over 9 billion pounds consumed annually.

The first commercial microwave popcorn was introduced in 1981, revolutionizing popcorn consumption.

The concept of the ice cream cone is believed to have originated at the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair when a vendor ran out of dishes and used waffles instead.

The Oreo cookie is the best-selling cookie in the world, with over 450 billion cookies sold since its introduction in 1912.

Doritos were created from leftover tortillas at Disneyland in the 1960s.

The highest-selling soda globally is Coca-Cola, with an estimated 1.9 billion servings sold every day.

The world’s largest candy bar weighed over 12,000 pounds and was created in Chicago, USA.

The average American consumes approximately 31 pounds of cheese each year.

Pizza Hut’s “Bigfoot” pizza, introduced in 1993, was the largest commercially available pizza, measuring 2 feet by 2 feet.

The world’s largest gummy bear weighs 26 pounds and contains over 32,000 calories.

The deep-fried Twinkie was invented in 2002 and has become a popular fair food in the United States.

The first Pop-Tarts flavor introduced by Kellogg’s in 1964 was strawberry.

The world record for eating the most hot dogs in 10 minutes is 76, set by Joey Chestnut in 2020.

Cheetos were first introduced in 1948 and were initially called “Chee-tos.”

The world’s largest box of chocolate was over 12 feet long and 6 feet wide, created in China.

In 2013, a British man consumed only McDonald’s food for 30 days and lost nearly 40 pounds due to restricting calorie intake.

National Junk Food Day Wishes

National Junk Food Day Wishes (July 21) - History, Fun Facts, How to Celebrate

🎉 Happy National Junk Food Day! Indulge in your favorite guilty pleasures and enjoy every bite! 🍕🍔🍟

🍭🍩🍦 Wishing you a day filled with all the sweet treats and delicious snacks you crave on National Junk Food Day! Enjoy! 🍫🍿🍬

🍔🍕🍟 Here’s to a day of cheesy pizzas, crispy fries, and mouthwatering burgers on National Junk Food Day! Enjoy the feast! 🍔🍕🍟

🍦🍿🍔 On this fun-filled day, forget the diet and indulge in all the junk food your heart desires! Happy National Junk Food Day! 🍔🍿🍦

🍩🍟🍕 Embrace your love for all things delicious and celebrate National Junk Food Day with a tasty treat! Enjoy every bite! 🍩🍟🍕

🍪🍟🍔 Wishing you a lip-smacking National Junk Food Day! Treat yourself to your favorite snacks and savor the flavor! 🍔🍟🍪

🍕🍩🍭 Let’s celebrate National Junk Food Day with a guilt-free indulgence of our favorite snacks! Enjoy the feast! 🍕🍩🍭

🍔🍟🍫 On this tasty occasion, satisfy your cravings with all the junk food delights you love! Happy National Junk Food Day! 🍫🍔🍟

🍿🍬🍔 Sending you a basket of junk food joy on National Junk Food Day! Enjoy the treats and have a fabulous time! 🍔🍬🍿

🍕🍿🍩 Indulge in the best junk food today and make it a day of tasty delights! Happy National Junk Food Day! 🍩🍿🍕

🍟🍭🍦 Let’s celebrate National Junk Food Day with a sweet and savory feast! Enjoy your favorite treats with a smile! 😄🍦🍭

🍔🍫🍩 Wishing you a fun-filled National Junk Food Day! May your day be filled with deliciousness and happiness! 🍩🍫🍔

🍕🍿🍦 On this special day, give in to your cravings and treat yourself to a delightful junk food adventure! 🍦🍕🍿

🍔🍪🍿 Happy National Junk Food Day! May your day be filled with scrumptious treats and good times with loved ones! 🍿🍪🍔

🍟🍭🍬 Embrace the joy of indulgence on National Junk Food Day! Treat yourself to all the goodies you love! 🍬🍭🍟

World Junk Food Day Hashtags


Junk Food List

Here is the list of 20 popular junk food items:

  1. Pizza
  2. French Fries
  3. Burgers
  4. Ice Cream
  5. Donuts
  6. Potato Chips
  7. Candy Bars
  8. Soda
  9. Fried Chicken
  10. Nachos
  11. Hot Dogs
  12. Flavoured Popcorn
  13. Cookies
  14. Onion Rings
  15. Milkshakes
  16. Cheesecake
  17. Macaroni and Cheese
  18. Brownies
  19. Tacos
  20. Fried Oreos

National Junk Food Day Celebration Ideas

National Junk Food Day Celebration Ideas

Following are the ideas to celebrate National Junk Food Day on this July 21, 2024:

  1. Junk Food Buffet: Host a junk food buffet with all the favorite guilty pleasures, including pizza, burgers, fries, nachos, and an assortment of sweet treats like donuts and cookies.
  2. Junk Food Movie Night: Plan a movie night with friends or family and enjoy your favorite junk food snacks while watching classic movies or binge-watching a TV series.
  3. Junk Food Potluck: Organize a potluck party where everyone brings their favorite junk food dish to share. It’s a fun way to try new treats and enjoy a variety of indulgent foods.
  4. DIY Junk Food Bar: Set up a DIY junk food bar with various toppings and condiments for burgers, hot dogs, and nachos. Let everyone customize their favorite treats.
  5. Junk Food Challenge: Organize a friendly junk food eating challenge with fun games or contests, like who can finish a giant burger or eat the most donuts.
  6. Junk Food Baking: Get creative in the kitchen by baking homemade versions of classic junk food items like cookies, cupcakes, or even a decadent cake.
  7. Junk Food Picnic: Head to a park or the beach for a picnic and bring along a basket filled with all your favorite junk food snacks.
  8. Junk Food Swap: Host a junk food swap where friends can exchange their favorite treats and discover new indulgences.
  9. Junk Food Art: Organize a junk food art contest where participants create sculptures or artwork using only junk food items as materials.
  10. Junk Food Tasting Party: Set up tasting stations with different types of junk food, from international snacks to local favorites, and let guests sample and rate each one.
  11. Junk Food Karaoke: Combine your love for junk food with karaoke fun. Sing your heart out while enjoying delicious treats with friends and family.
  12. Junk Food Food Truck Rally: Visit food truck festivals or events featuring a variety of junk food vendors, trying different delicacies from each one.
  13. Junk Food Adventure: Take a road trip to various fast-food joints or specialty shops known for their unique and decadent junk food offerings.
  14. Junk Food Dessert Bar: Create a dessert bar with an assortment of ice cream flavors, toppings, and syrups, allowing guests to create their dream sundaes.
  15. Junk Food-Inspired Games: Play games inspired by your favorite junk food items, such as a french fry relay race or a pizza box balancing contest.

Remember, while celebrating National Junk Food Day, it’s essential to enjoy these treats in moderation and balance them with a healthy lifestyle. Have fun embracing the indulgence, but also consider incorporating healthier options into your diet.

Junk Food Day Deals & Specials

On Junk Food Day, many restaurants, fast-food chains, and dessert shops offer exciting deals and specials to celebrate the occasion. From discounted combo meals to buy-one-get-one-free offers on favorite treats like burgers, pizzas, and ice creams, there are plenty of tempting deals to indulge in.

Some establishments might introduce limited-edition menu items or special promotions on popular junk food items. It’s a perfect opportunity for food enthusiasts to savor their guilty pleasures at a fraction of the cost and celebrate the joy of indulgence on this fun-filled day.

Junk Food Day Guilt-free Treats

While Junk Food Day celebrates indulgence, there are guilt-free treat options for health-conscious individuals to enjoy. Swap traditional fried snacks with baked alternatives, like baked sweet potato fries or air-popped popcorn.

Opt for healthier versions of favorite desserts, such as fruit sorbets or yogurt parfaits with fresh berries. Incorporate whole grains, lean proteins, and nutrient-rich toppings in burgers and sandwiches.

Additionally, explore homemade recipes that use natural ingredients and less added sugar and salt. Balancing indulgence with nutritious choices allows for guilt-free enjoyment on this special day.

When is National Junk Food Day celebrated?

National Junk Food Day is celebrated on July 21st each year.

What is the purpose of National Junk Food Day?

National Junk Food Day is a fun and light-hearted celebration of indulging in favorite guilty pleasure foods and treats. It allows people to embrace their love for junk food and enjoy these delicious snacks without guilt.

Are there any health concerns associated with celebrating National Junk Food Day?

While National Junk Food Day is meant to be a one-day celebration, it’s essential to indulge in moderation. Consuming excessive junk food regularly can have negative effects on health, such as weight gain and an increased risk of certain health conditions.

Can junk food be a part of a balanced diet?

In moderation, junk food can be a part of a balanced diet. It’s essential to maintain a healthy eating pattern and incorporate nutrient-rich foods along with occasional treats.

How can I celebrate National Junk Food Day responsibly?

To celebrate responsibly, consider enjoying smaller portions of favorite junk foods, choosing healthier alternatives or homemade versions, and balancing the indulgence with physical activity and nutritious meals.

Are there any special promotions or deals on National Junk Food Day?

Yes, many restaurants and fast-food chains offer special promotions, discounts, or combo meal deals on National Junk Food Day, encouraging customers to indulge in their favorite treats.

Can I celebrate National Junk Food Day with friends and family?

Absolutely! National Junk Food Day can be celebrated with friends and family by organizing potluck parties, sharing favorite treats, or trying new junk food items together.

Are there any virtual events or challenges related to National Junk Food Day?

In recent years, social media platforms have seen virtual events and challenges related to National Junk Food Day, where individuals share their favorite junk food items and indulge in creative snack ideas.

Can junk food be a part of a healthy lifestyle?

While it’s essential to enjoy junk food in moderation, incorporating it into an otherwise healthy and balanced diet is possible. The key is to be mindful of portion sizes and choose healthier options whenever possible.

What are some creative ways to celebrate National Junk Food Day?

Creative ways to celebrate include hosting themed parties, organizing junk food tastings, trying DIY junk food recipes, or engaging in fun activities like junk food trivia games or challenges.