National Friendship Day Wishes 2024 – Date, Gifts, Trending Hashtags, History

National Friendship Day wishes are heartfelt expressions of affection and appreciation shared among friends on the special occasion of Friendship Day. It is a day dedicated to celebrating the essence of friendship and honoring the bond shared between individuals.

National Friendship Day is observed on first Sunday of August on this day people express their love, gratitude, and good wishes to their friends through thoughtful messages, quotes, and greetings. These wishes serve as a reminder of the cherished memories, laughter, and support that friends provide in life’s journey. National Friendship Day wishes bring friends closer and strengthen the connection, making it a memorable and joyous celebration of friendship.

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National Friendship Day in 2023

National Friendship Day in 2023 falls on August 6th. On this special day, people around the world come together to celebrate the bonds of friendship, express gratitude to their friends, and create new memories.

Friendship Day History & Origin

National Friendship Day has a history dating back to 1935 when the United States Congress proposed it to promote friendship and goodwill. However, it gained international recognition in 1958 when the World Friendship Crusade suggested dedicating a day to friendship. Paraguay’s Dr. Artemio Bracho played a significant role in proposing the day as a symbol of peace and friendship among people from different backgrounds. In 2011, the United Nations officially declared July 30th as International Friendship Day.

Today, the day is celebrated worldwide on the first Sunday of August, people exchanging gifts, cards, and friendship bracelets to honor and cherish their friends.

Unknown Facts About Friendship

The idea of Friendship Day dates back to 1919 when Hallmark introduced it as a promotional event to encourage the sale of greeting cards.

In 1935, the United States Congress declared the first Sunday of August as National Friendship Day. However, it didn’t become an official observance.

The United Nations officially recognized International Friendship Day on July 30, 2011, to promote peace, solidarity, and understanding among nations.

In Argentina, Friendship Day is celebrated on July 20, coinciding with the date of the first moon landing in 1969, to commemorate the achievement of “making friends with the universe.”

In India, Friendship Day is primarily celebrated by the younger generation, and friends exchange friendship bands, cards, and gifts.

Social media has significantly influenced the celebration of National Friendship Day, with friends sharing messages, photos, and videos to express their affection and appreciation for each other.

How to Celebrate Friendship Day

There are many ways to celebrate National Friendship Day:

  1. Reach out to friends: Call, text, or video chat with your friends to let them know how much you appreciate their friendship.
  2. Exchange small gifts or tokens of appreciation.
  3. Write a heartfelt letter or create a handmade card for your friends.
  4. Share funny or memorable moments on social media, honoring your friendship.
  5. Create and exchange friendship bracelets or other DIY crafts.
  6. Social media shoutouts: Post a tribute to your friends on social media, expressing gratitude for their friendship.
  7. Volunteer together: Engage in community service activities with your friends, spreading kindness together.
  8. Movie or game night: Host a movie or game night with your friends, creating new memories.
  9. Plan for the future: Discuss future adventures and plans together, strengthening your bond.
  10. Join a community event celebrating friendship and camaraderie.
  11. Reflect on the positive impact your friends have on your life and express gratitude.

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Friendship Day Hashtags


Friendship Day Wishes 2024

“Friendship is a gift 🎁 that keeps on giving 💕.”

“A true friend 👫 is a treasure 💎 you can’t put a price on.”

“Friends are like stars ✨; they brighten up our darkest nights.”

“Friendship knows no distance 🌍; it bridges hearts 💞 across miles.”

“A friend’s hug 🤗 is like a warm blanket 🧡 for the soul.”

“In the garden 🌻 of friendship, laughter 😂 is the sweetest flower 🌺.”

“Friends are the music 🎵 in the symphony 🎼 of life.”

“A friend is a confidant 🤝 who knows all your emojis 😄.”

“Good friends 🌟 are like sunshine 🌞 on a cloudy day.”

“Together, we are stronger 💪; friendship builds unbreakable bonds 💖.”

“In a world 🌎 full of emojis 😊, a friend’s smile 😃 stands out the most.”

“Friends are the emojis 😘 that color our lives 🌈 with joy.”

“Friendship is a dance 💃 of trust 🤝 and understanding 🧠.”

“A friend’s support 🤗 is like a thumbs up 👍 when you need it the most.”

“A friend’s love ❤️ is an emoji heart 💗 that never fades.”

International Friendship Day Messages 2024

“To my dearest friend, you make every day brighter with your presence. Happy Friendship Day!”

“Thank you for being the constant support and joy in my life. Happy Friendship Day, my dear friend!”

“A true friend is a treasure, and I’m grateful to have you in my life. Happy Friendship Day!”

“Cheers to the countless memories we’ve made together! Happy Friendship Day!”

“On this special day, I want you to know how much you mean to me. Happy Friendship Day, my friend!”

“You are the sunshine that brightens my darkest days. Happy Friendship Day!”

“May our friendship continue to grow and flourish like a beautiful flower. Happy Friendship Day!”

“Through thick and thin, you’ve always been by my side. Happy Friendship Day to my rock!”

“A friend like you is a gift that keeps on giving. Happy Friendship Day, my confidante!”

“You’re not just a friend; you’re family. Happy Friendship Day to my chosen sibling!”

Friendship Day Gift Ideas

  1. Personalized Friendship Bracelet: Customize a bracelet with your friend’s name or a special message.
  2. Memory Scrapbook: Create a scrapbook filled with cherished memories and photos of you and your friend.
  3. Friendship Mug: Gift a coffee mug with a cute friendship quote or a picture of you both.
  4. Customized Photo Frame: Frame a memorable picture of you and your friend together.
  5. Friendship Keychain: Engrave a keychain with your friend’s initials or a meaningful symbol.
  6. Friendship Book: Gift a book that holds significance for your friendship or choose a novel you both will enjoy.
  7. DIY Friendship Gift: Create something special like a friendship jar filled with notes or a handmade craft.
  8. Friendship Plant: Give a potted plant or succulent to symbolize your growing friendship.
  9. Necklace: Gift matching necklaces that signify your bond.
  10. Friendship Puzzle: Choose a puzzle with a picture of you both, symbolizing how you complete each other.

National friendship Day FAQS

When is National Friendship Day celebrated?

National Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August each year – 6th August 2023.

What is the significance of Friendship Day?

National Friendship Day is a day dedicated to celebrating and honoring the special bond of friendship and the importance of friends in our lives.

How can I celebrate International Friendship Day?

You can celebrate National Friendship Day by spending time with your friends, sending them cards or messages, giving them gifts, or organizing a get-together or party.

Is World Friendship Day an official holiday?

National Friendship Day is not a federal holiday but is observed and celebrated by people worldwide as an unofficial day to honor friendships.

Are there any special events or activities held on National Friendship Day?

Many communities and organizations may organize special events or activities to celebrate National Friendship Day, such as friendship-themed parties, workshops, or gatherings.

What are some thoughtful gestures to show appreciation to friends on this day?

Some thoughtful gestures include sending heartfelt messages, making a personal phone call, gifting friendship bracelets, or planning a surprise outing for your friends.

Can I celebrate National Friendship Day with my family members?

Yes, National Friendship Day is not limited to just friends. You can celebrate it with family members who are also your close friends.

Is there any specific color or symbol associated with National Friendship Day?

There is no specific color or symbol designated for National Friendship Day. People often use heart symbols or the word “friendship” in their celebrations.